Saturday, June 11, 2011

About me

 I am 29yrs old, I am a woman, I am a working-professional in Manhattan, but a soon-to-be someone else...wait, no, a soon-to-be more ME myself. I feel my age, 29 is so unstable yet one of a turning point of a life. I suffer from all these kinds of negative emotions like loneliness, jealousy, doubts and fears everyday. But most of people think I am a stress-free person and very positive. Yes I am so don't worry that much! I thank to what I am now and my great family and friends always, and I am often smile at all quirks of fate that happens to me. Life is short so I prefer to ride on a roller-coaster rather than a flat escalator, and prefer to go surfing on the massive wave rather than go in-door-style snowboarding on the artificial snow. I don't need many function keys, I'm OK with a simple life. But this doesn't mean I want an ''ordinary'' happiness. I just seek an ''ultimate'' one. But what is happiness anyway? I want to live my life to the fullest till enough-to-enough so that I can die happily ever after. Um? Die happily ever after? Not live happily ever after?? Well, that's how I've ever lived so far. Before I hit 30, I have to know myself more and become myself more. Let's just keep my blog so that I don't forget when I die happily ever after....:)